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XZERES Energy provides cost effective and clean energy management systems. Rochester Power Saver, Inc. was acquired by XZERES Corporation in April of 2011. This acquisition expands XZERES’ product offering beyond small wind power generation into the realm of power management and power efficiency solutions. XZERES entered the power correction industry after seeing a need for quality energy correction products for business energy consumers of all sizes who are seeing higher energy prices. This first acquisition since Abundant Renewable Energy, LLC, brings XZERES Corp. closer to becoming a global, renewable energy and clean energy solutions company.


XZERES’ family of Power Efficiency products are designed save you money by eliminating power factor charges, increasing system capacity and improving overall efficiency. Our KiloWatt Master product line is designed to improve the "power factor" and reduce the amount of reactive power being drawn at a location. By making this improvement, these power management devices can enhance the efficiency of inductive motors by reducing the amperage needed. Low power factors can require a utility to generate more than the minimum volt-amperes necessary to supply real power (watts). Utilities typically charge fees to business customers who have a power factor below the required limit. Such additional charges based upon power factor threshold vary by state and utility district. KiloWatt Master equipment can help to reduce the cost of electricity only at a site with low power factor AND where the utility charges a penalty for low power factor. Power factor correction can also help to increase electrical system capacity, help reduce voltage drop, and improve grid utilization.

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Our KiloWatt Master units are built one at a time with pride in Wilsonville, OR by dedicated technicians. We have a knowledgeable and friendly sales and support staff ready to help you understand our products.