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XZERES KiloWatt Master Auto Range units are the perfect solution for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications. If you ahve power factor penalty charges included on your electric bill, then you are the perfect candidate for XZERES Power Factor Correction. Our state of the art KiloWatt Master devices with real time current monitoring are able to adjust capacitance on the fly in order to optimize your operation 24 hours a day. Our auto range units can operate alone or in conjunction with multiple fixed units or in a master/slave combination with additional auto range units as part of a complete power factor correction system. XZERES customers have saved up to 20% off the cost of their electric bills. Paying power factor penalty charges for poor power factor is a waste of money. We can eliminate your power factor penalty charges with an XZERES KiloWatt Master Fixed unit.

XZERES provides our customers with KiloWatt Master Auto Range units in several off the shelf sizes to choose from depending on your application. XZERES technicians also stand ready to build custom size units should you require a size not available as a prefabricated model. Please contact XZERES today to find out if KiloWatt Master Auto Range units are right for you.


KiloWatt Master Auto Range Benefits

• Microprocessor based intelligent auto
  switching control
• Displays all vital system data including: voltage, current, real, apparent, and reactive power
• Real time adjustments to ensure optimal power factor correction • Factory pre-programmed to meet your business's individual needs
• Increased device life with capacitor
  auto switch-off
• Modular system for easy sizing, installation, operation
  & maintenance
• Automatically adjusts to equipment change and additions • Can be combined with multiple fixed units or act as a master/slave combination with other auto range units for a complete distributed power factor correction system.


KiloWatt Master Auto Range Products

We recommend our auto range units for utility customers with variable loads throughout the business day. The automatically variable capacitance ensures that our auto range units are able to adjust to real time load variations as well as long term changes in load profile.

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