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XZERES capacitors are made with years of research and development to obtain the best capacitors on the market. Capacitors decrease the magnitude of power drawn by increasing the power factor. The presence of inductive and capacitive reactance in the same circuit reduces the current flow from the line. Energy is caught and reflected back by the capacitor instead of having to flow all the way back and forth from the power generator.

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autorange Auto Range
XZCI 3000
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• Self-Healing • Naturally air-cooled
• UL Listed • Maximum altitude 2,000m
• Soy based oil - biodegradable • Start / Run
• Capacitors catch energy and reflect it back instead of having it flow all the way back and forth from the power generator • Power Factor correction capacitors store and return the reactive power caused and required by inductive loads.

Power Efficiency Products

commercial energy reduction Fixed
Eliminate power factor charges
with XZCI Fixed units.
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  low your power bill Auto Range
Automatically adjusts for
optimal efficiency.
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